Gossip Girl 9.29.08: Do I like CHUCK??!

UPDATE: I just realized Nate was NO WHERE to be found in last night's episode!! Weird. He's my eye candy.

It's Fashion Week in NYC and Blair is helping her mom handle the seating for the show. In attempt to maintain her stance as Queen Bee she offers her minions second row seats. But she gets outdone yet again by Serena when her and Serena's new friend, Poppy (a socialite) end up in Women's Wear Daily. Blair sees the queen-dom slipping from her grasp.

Dan is invisible still and trying to get his writing pieces together for Yale. His new mentor thinks he's boring though so he makes a plan to live on the wild side and follow around Chuck for a night.

Lily searches the episode for a piece of naked photography she did back in the day. Serena thinks it's hot. I barf in my mouth

Jenny is completely skipping school to work with Eleanor. She is pretty much acting as her right hand and Jenny even offers up a great idea to have Serena and her new friend Poppy sit front row at the show to bring the media. Serena's mom accepts. Blair gets pissed because apparently its her and Serena's ritual to watch the show from backstage together. I guess Serena is all grown up. Blair ends up telling Jenny's dad that she's been skipping school as revenge.

Chuck takes Dan out for a night out but really just makes a fool of him and ends the night by leaving him on a street corner shoeless. Dan's attempt to write about it is still wack according to his mentor. Dan tries for another night out This time he has a plan to learn Chuck’s secrets.

Lily gets a call from her art collector. Turns out her painting was bought- by her husband. That’s great right? a gift??! NOT

Rufus orders Jenny to stop working with Eleanor and go back to school. He even sets up a meeting with the school's chancellor. She gets a text that she's needed a the show...

Serena tries to explain to Blair that is was her mom who accepted the front row seats not her. It doesn’t go so well. Serena decides to do whatever she wants and goes to the show anyway.

J waits outside the head mistress' office. Laurel texts her to get to the show now.

Everyone collides at Eleanor's show. Blair tries to switch Serena's seat to the back. Jenny comes by and corrects the mistake. Blair sends the models home in an attempt to break Jenny. Jenny in turn asks Serena, Poppy, and the rest of the socialites to be in the show. Blair takes Jenny's own design and sends Serena down the runway in it in ANOTHER attempt to stop Jenny and embarrass Serena. Yet again she's thwarted because the dress is a hit and Serena shines. Hmmm..Luckily Jenny kisses up to Blair so at least she's off the hook by nights end. Serena and Blair on the other hand are firmly in a fight as the show ends. Blair tried to apologize but Serena doesn’t want to hear it. It's over. She doesn’t want to live in Blair's shadow anymore.

Dan and Chucks night ends in JAIL after they get into a fight! Good news is that Dan gets his info. Turns out Chuck killed his mother at birth and he really feels his dad hates him. AWWWWWWW.... The burgeoning friendship fails fast after Chuck finds out that Dan was just trying to get his story for his Yale story. Chuck is PISSED. It's going to be WAR.

Turns out Lily's husband (Chuck's Dad) bought the picture not as a gift but to protect his image. WHOA. Also- turns out that he has a dossier on Lily stock full of some secrets. YESSSS.

Jenny tells her dad that she's not going back to school. We'll see

The breakdown of Blair and Serena's relationship is sooo much fun to watch! I like this new girl Poppy. She actually seems nice but why is a NYC socialite so nice??? hmmm.. Why does Blair Never get what a bitch she is?? Why doesn't her housekeeper tell her off??!

Jenny is a hot mess! What are you 12? go to school. Her dad drops her off to meet the head mistress and doesnt STAY???? She tells him she is not going back to school??? THATS ILLEGAL!!!

...and finally the old people get exciting!! Lily's husband is CRAZY. This 'aint going to work. Hence she will be cheating with Dan's dad ASAP. and now that Dan and Serena are done they can go for it! Lily's husband is freaking SCARY. If they were a black couple- he'd be Eddie Murphy. Liked who you were before you got married but then changes the game after.

Chuck and Dan: I AM SO OVER DAN!! WACKKKKKK. Chuck on the other hand- I think I am actually liking him. WHOA. I mean your dad hates you...you killed your mom... What do I care if you’re a jerk??


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Monalisa said...

I didnt see the rest of the episode but sounds like a good one!!

Jenny is gonna be some young designer prodigy WATCH OUT!!!

Blair is getting left in the dust.
When will she just give it up already and get back with Chuck?
I miss them together.