I cannot wait to see this show!!!


Not that it mattered, but the NY Times gave it a great review!

Footloose is one of my favorite musicals... I am not picky!


Battle on Late-Term Abortions Shifts to a Clinic in Nebraska

Published: December 4, 2009
A Nebraska doctor has taken up the cause of late-term abortions from his slain colleague George R. Tiller.(More)
I'm not sure what my opinion on late term abortion is (its always something I've considered outside of the scope of the pro-life/anti-abortion debate) but Dr. Carhart seems to putting himself in harm's way for what he believes is a very important reason; one that women willingly sign up for so I'm not sure who else he should have to reckon with outside of his own soul and God....



Who are the people who buy the movie poster version of books as opposed to the original versions? PLEASE STOP. PLEASE. Your giving the rest of the literate a bad name...PLEASE


Fee Rules Due on Overdrafts

This is AMAZING! I just got into an argument with Chase about this the other day. You let me spend it and then CHARGE ME? Checks I understand because that's a bad look and the company could possibly charge you more, BUT store purchases??? Why would I pay overdraft on a Duane Reade purchase on a $3 Duane Reade purchase. That's ridic...your stealing my money and now hopefully you wont be anymore.

Fee Rules Due on Overdrafts: "The Fed is likely to soon pass new rules making it harder for banks to hit customers with fees for overdrawing their accounts, a top official told a Senate subcommittee.


SMH: The Actual Usher Call to 911 Because of “Crazy” Tameka

USHERRRRR!! You call the COPS not 911. There should be a fine for stupidity like this. He's rich and can afford it...

SMH: The Actual Usher Call to 911 Because of “Crazy” Tameka: "


Usher loses all brownie points for this one. This is one of the craziest recordings of the year. We can’t believe “Ush” would make a 911 call over a car being vandalized by his B.M., Crazy Tameka

Please pop the top and listen to Usher’s actual 911 call from last month

Why would you call 911 the day AFTER your car was vandalized? SMH.


Rolling Stone's Barack Obama Cover Named Magazine Cover Of The Year: Pick Yours (SLIDESHOW)

A Nobel Peace Prize AND this?!?! The world is his :)

Rolling Stone's Barack Obama Cover Named Magazine Cover Of The Year: Pick Yours (SLIDESHOW): "

Rolling Stone's July 10-24, 2008, cover — which featured then-Presidential-candidate Barack Obama, was named "Cover of the Year" in the American Society of Magazine Editors' Best Cover Contest Wednesday.

Winners in ten categories — ranging from Most Delicious Magazine Cover to Sexiest Magazine Cover to Best Obama Cover — were eligible for an online vote to determine "Cover of the Year."

See those category winners below, and vote for the cover you would select as 'Cover of the Year.'

Visit the Best Cover Gallery at www.magazine.org/bestcover to view all the entries, finalists, winners and to read the stories behind the covers.

More on Magazines"

Jessica Simpson Considers Online Dating

Jeez Jessica! Stop being America's sad story. You were the prize!! But you obviously didn't feel like that or we would...

Jessica Simpson Considers Online Dating: "Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson is only mouse clicks away from moving on after her split from Tony Romo - the singer admits she has considered looking for love online.

=> Read more!


Tracy Morgan Claims Paternity Of Obama Girls, Talks Sobriety (VIDEO)

HAHAHAHA. I might actually get this book. I love when funny people who used to do lots of drugs come off of the drugs. They have one screw missing but it doesn't make you sad to watch them

Tracy Morgan Claims Paternity Of Obama Girls, Talks Sobriety (VIDEO): "
Tracy Morgan continues to promote his expletive-laced autobiography and in a sit-down with TIME's Josh Tyrangiel he answered questions from fans all over the world, covering topics from health care to his own diabetes, kids and failed marriage. Here are some highlights:

On Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize:

'I wish he would just punch somebody in the face. You can't finesse a bull. Some people you just gotta punch in the face. That's all they know....I love Obama. You see how cool he is? Ain't no other countries gonna mess with us. You see the way he gets off of Air Force One?...He kicks that leg just like Richard Roundtree.'

On staying sober for the past year and a half:

'I was going through what Kanye West was going through. I wasn't dealing with things and it started to manifest itself in my drinking. I wasn't dealing with my marriage that was falling apart, I wasn't dealing with survivor guilt...so I would drink just to numb the pain.'

On fathering one of the Obama girls:

'Someone needs to do Sasha's hair. That little girl needs her hair done. Michelle knows, me and her had something going on back in the day. One of those little girls is biologically mine.'

You can read the Time 10 interview here.


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Digital Bible Could Hasten End of Bound Scriptures

I sincerely doubt this. Remember kindles? no? me either. There is something magical about holding bound paper and knowing its the same way its been done for ages.


Digital Bible Could Hasten End of Bound Scriptures: "

New digital Bible could hasten decline of bound Scriptures.


The title alone makes me smile.

Keanu Reeves Is Not The Baby Daddy: "


The results are less exciting when Maury Povich isn't the one dispensing the news, but we bet Keanu Reeves doesn't mind.

A DNA test proved that Keanu was not the father of any of a dumb Canadian woman's kids. Karen Sala claimed that Keanu sperminated her for at least of her four grown-up children, but Keanu protested that he never even met the woman, much less get busy with her business.

It's a good thing that he isn't the father - she was looking for a HUGE payout for some very late child and spousal support -$150,000 a month in child support, backdated to 1988, and $3 million a month in spousal support.

You do the math on that one.

Congrats Keanu! You are NOT the father!

[Image via WENN.]



My October Horoscope

Sounds PERFECT!!
Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Your October Horoscope by Susan Miller
Libra Forecast for October 2009
By Susan Miller
This will be a very active important month where you can make more impressive progress than you have all summer. If you could see the pattern of planets, many of them are clustered at the key "angles" of the chart - that is, the north, south, east, and west points on the wheel. Because most of the planets this month will be in cardinal signs like yours, you'll be eager to get going on a key project. If you have a goal, that's great, but if you don't, these planets will make you unrelentingly restless. You have a bright, clear road ahead at long last, so it would be the perfect month to commit to a goal that you'd like to accomplish before 2009 comes to an end. In a month like this, you'll be downright unstoppable.

September proved to be one of the hardest of the year for many people. A mob of angry planets acted more like thugs than dignified statesmen, and on top of that, Mercury was retrograde. This planetary picture kept you in limbo and also possibly on edge. Mercury is now moving in direct speed, and Uranus and Saturn have backed off their aggressive positions and will no longer torment the new moon, Sun, and Mercury with their dispute. At last, October dawns with an undeniable feeling of rest and relief.

Mars will still orbit over the very highest point of your chart as the month opens, and like a brilliant beacon at the very top of your chart will light your tenth house of career reputation and advancement until October 15. To boost your career, you couldn't wish for a more beautifully placed Mars. You will easily garner the attention of influential people. Those VIPs will go out of their way to help you, so don't hesitate to enlist their support.

If you are looking for a new job, or hope to get more responsibility where you are now, you need to assertively search for your ideal position. Get busy the minute the month opens. Last month was not the time to make your big career initiative, but now conditions have changed and the universe is saying, "Get ready to act."

If you work in a creative field, or need to think up new and innovative ideas in any job, say, for your position in sales, marketing, or PR, you are in luck. Jupiter, the good fortune planet, has been retrograde since mid-June and will go direct on October 13. From then on, you will find coming up with profitable ideas to be much easier to do and also easier to get approved. Truly, it's a glorious time to be a Libra!

This same turn of Jupiter to direct speed on October 13 will be a boon for romance. Jupiter is now in your fifth house of true love, so if you are single and hoping to meet someone new and exiting - someone with long-term potential - then be sure to begin to mix just after October 13.
You will have until January 17, 2010, to have your fateful meeting. While of course you will have many lucky days after Jupiter leaves Aquarius, you won't have Jupiter in such a perfect position to help you quickly, easily, and noticeably! Make an effort to meet people this month! Jupiter will move to a new area of your chart, but while you have such a darling chart for love and fun, you must promise to circulate to the hilt! Of course, the benefits to single Libra will be obvious - but, attached and married Libra will have more fun, too. This is a light, breezy, fun, and yet expansive influence and one meant to make you happy, dear Libra!

Two other planets will work with Jupiter to make sure you do well socially. First, Venus, your ruling planet, will move into Libra on October 14 and favor your sign until November 7. Meanwhile, on October 16, Mars will move into the ultra-social sign of Leo, a sign that blends beautifully with yours, and begin a long, nearly eight-month tour of your eleventh house of hopes, wishes, fun, friends, and events. Wow, dear Libra, are you excited yet? This is fantastic!

There are several days that may stand out for you when it comes to romance. Keep in mind that if you are married or attached, you are also part of this trend - you won't be left out! Also, the same aspects that encourage love also encourage pregnancy and birth, so if you hope for a baby, these aspects are just what you need to summon the stork.

First, pay close attention to October 10-11, when Jupiter and the Sun will have a friendly meeting on your behalf and draw up a plan to get a fun and possibly even luxurious episode for you. October 15 should be special too, when the Sun and Neptune will reach out to one another to spin a romantic dream of an evening. Single or married, this is a night of inspiration and joy.
An even more outstanding day will arrive on October 28 when Venus in Libra will reach out to Jupiter in Aquarius. This is a wow of a day in anyone's book. Try to be out socializing on this day. If you met someone on a dating site whom you'd like to meet for coffee in real life, choose October 28.
This day - October 28 - will be so glorious for you. Circle it for other purposes, too. You will be the apple of Venus' eye, so use this day to your ultimate benefit - for a first date, to reconnect with an old love, to fan the fires of existing love, but also to schedule a job interview, to send a query letter, to present a big idea, to make a big sale, or negotiate something in your favor - you name it!

The Harvest full moon in Aries on October 4, plus or minus four days, could bring news of an engagement or news from your significant other about something really important to you both. This full moon will be in perfect angle to Jupiter, encouraging love on the highest level. This full moon, October 4, can be used for merging energies with another in a business sense. This might be another individual or a whole entity, such as another company if you are self-employed and doing a joint venture or joint promotion together. You might hire an agent, a broker, or an expert on this full moon. If so, things will crystallize nicely and the two of you will reach accord.

This same full moon may bring happy news about a creative project that was just finished. It is also possible, alternatively, that a major project will be approved at this time, after weeks or even months of anticipation.
If you are an actor, audition within four days of October 4 - you will get a quick response, and with such upbeat aspects, you could get the role. Good luck!

The closer your birthday falls to October 4 (within five days), the more likely you will feel the energy of this full moon, and the good news it will bring. With a full moon falling near your birthday, much of what you worked so hard for over many years will come to fruition.

The new moon of October 18 will be in Libra and will represent your birthday gift from a loving universe. Use this new moon period to launch something dear to you. In the ten days that follow this new moon, watch for opportunities to arise that are new and exciting, ones you had never anticipated being offered. With the new moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Libra, you will be at the head of the class, in control. This is what everyone wants, but rarely get! The planets will be beautifully positioned now and what is more, Jupiter and Neptune will support those planets, as will Mars. My goodness, you have it made, dear Libra.

Your biggest moment of the month will be when Saturn enters Libra for the first time since 1980. Saturn is the planet that teaches us that the things in life that are most enduring and that make us proudest and happiest are those we had to work hardest to achieve. Saturn also teaches the value of being patient, reliable, and consistent. While endeavors that we undertake under a Saturn cycle always take 2-3 years to achieve, the benefits we gain will last for decade or much more - possibly forever.

Rihanna & Justin: and why this is a TEMPORARY match made in heaven

A. They're HOT

B. They are both ALWAYS the hottest one in their relationships so it might be nice to see who gets to be top dog.

C. They will make the streets safer for other celebrities because the paparazzi would pretty much exclusively follow them (and their exes so there was something to put in those little boxes US Weekly liked to ad in their cover stories)

D. They would both go in KNOWING it was going to be short-lived. She's like 15 and he's...JT.

Legalized Racial Profiling?

US Government Checklist (September 6, 2009):
A. Overcrowd our jails (COMPLETE)
B. Overcrowd our jails with the poor (COMPLETE)
C. Overcrowd our jails with poor non-citizens under the guise of enforcing immigration laws (COMPLETE)

No wonder Dora quit.

Report on C
ritical of Scope of Immigration Detention
NY Times
Published: October 6, 2009
A report on immigration detention released Tuesday by the Obama administration paints a picture of a costly, inappropriately penal system that is growing without basic tools for management and monitoring, while the government office nominally in charge struggles with high turnover and a lack of expertise.

Though the administration has indicated that it wants to concentrate immigration enforcement on serious criminal offenders, the report shows that one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the population in detention is noncriminals picked up in the enforcement programs the government has embraced.

Story continued here


What would I do without Gossip Girl?

or the Daily Intel recap the next day?! Get addicted.

Once, a very beautiful model told us about the time her eyes had been injured by a flash. She had to wear an eye mask and stay in her apartment for days, in utter darkness, like she was blind. It was hard, she told us, to feel her way around. She was always bumping her long gazellelike shins into everything, and didn’t know where anything was, and was probably peeing all over herself whenever she went to the bathroom — we don’t really know. For almost two years now, we’ve been watching the characters on Gossip Girl bumble around in that same darkness. It was only in last night’s episode that they finally were able to lift their masks and catch a glimpse, with their beautiful but crusted eyes, of the world and their place in it.

Dan, after a brief interlude of loneliness, realized he was put on this earth to squire around bitches. Jenny Humphrey, after attempting to relinquish the throne at Constance Billard, realized that she was destined to rule the school. Serena, after losing herself briefly in a publicity career, realized her true talents lay with just being, like, friends with people. And Blair, in a hysterical reaction to being the biggest dork at NYU, was fast becoming the upper-class version of the Wooderson character in Dazed and Confused at Constance Billard, before being reminded that she was Blair Waldorf, and Chuck Bass loved her.

More Real Than a Meltdown in the Bathroom at the Ziegfeld:
• For the first time this season, we found ourselves actually listening to what Gossip Girl herself was saying, and were happy to see that she had a role to play. We were happy when, as Jenny debated whether to wear that ridiculous chunky headband, GG let slip a double entendre. "Will she pick up where the old queen left off?" she asked. "Or strike out on her own?" Plus 3.

• Of course Dan would willfully not know who the star of Eternal Nights was, even if she was a sexy starlet. Plus 2, with another plus 4 for just the name Eternal Nights, and its "King Arthur but with vampires" premise.

• We love the "Everybody Loves a Player" T-shirt on the RPG all-star at the coffee shop. Plus 3, because it's just so right.

• Plus 2 for Blair's line, "I just need to know that, in this misbegotten corner of Manhattan, wealth, ambition, and moral laxity are still alive and well." But we’re not sure that "By the way, sandals are not shoes" is going to happen.

• Carmen, Celeste, and Jane are a little tougher-looking than their fragile, bitchy predecessors (who we miss, by the way), which is appropriate if they're going to be Jenny's minions. Also, they're clearly half-wits. ("OMGBSE"???) And Jane, particularly, looks like trouble. Plus 4 all around.

• Rufus does a great Lily impression. Plus 2, because he has to have something to practice when he's not knitting.

Post Continued here




This was posted on the Myspace page of Jennifer Hudson’s best friend “Superstar James”.

I’m glad someone else is finally putting it out there besides me. By the way, just so you know, Donald Trump donated an entire block of rooms at the elegant Chicago Trump Towers for two weeks for Jennifer Hudson and her family members.

Other members of Chicago pitched in and made sure Jennifer Hudson and her sister Julia didn’t need or want for anything while they were in mourning:

So I wasn’t going to write about this but it is really really bugging me. Especially when people are calling my phone saying how nice it was of Beyonce to come to the funeral and show her support. And I have to sit back and hold everything I wanna say inside. But I can’t do it no more.

Beyonce did not come to the funeral nor did she call, text, send a card or hell send a damn email. If there are millions of people who are leaving Jennifer and Julia and myself messages and sending there prayers and condolences and these people don’t even know them why couldn’t she? Every singer that Jennifer admires and had been a role model for her growing up even until now has called, from Aretha to Shirley Murdock to even present day singers like Chrisette Michelle.

And y’all know how much Jennifer loves Beyonce and she couldn’t even have her assistant call or nothing. But yet her camp is allowing her to receive credit for coming to the funeral and being there for Jennifer and her family. Bullshit! This just pisses me off. Once again thanks to everyone who has be there for us. And sorry if i offended any of Beyonce fans by writing this but if i just couldn’t keep sitting back and reading articles and emails and having my phone ring about how nice it was of Beyonce to come out ! (Source)



Kanyeeezzy's new Vid

for "heartless". He is so romatical lately. JUST GET BACK WITH ALEXIS(?) ALREADY!!


Q Tip on Letterman Last night

I heard a rumor that Q Tip plays for the other team yesterday. hmmmm...I will not do that straight girl thing where I cry for another "lost one" BUTTTT it still hurts.


I am...

Catching up on my TV this weekend! Stay tuned...

The World Reacts


Just 'Cuz...

It is my new goal in life to have some man look at me the way Common is looking at Serena in this pic.

Let me break it down for you-

Se reads her blackberry. Even on vacation she is focused, trained to think of herself first and put a man second.

He knows this and loves his about her. It's one of the reasons he fell in LOVE with her. He vies for her attention constantly and values every moment with her because he knows that she's cool with or without him.

You didn't know there was that much going on did you??? Well that's why you have me!! Breaking it DOWNNNNNNNN...

This picture is the way God and my Mom meant for it to be.

...and thanks.


South Park on Election Night

They aired it last night!!! How did they turn an episode around that fast???

Watch it here



I'm gonna need you to NOT just hang on random strangers OPRAH! ORRRR in the new regime (where black people become president) do we get to randomly touch white people?? WE RUN THIS!!! Now we will all live like OPRAH!!





In the Paper's

Covers I did not Wednesday BUT I WAS ALLL OVER THURSDAY'S!!! lolol














My Vote Mattered...



Barack Obama

Allison --

I'm about to head to Grant Park to talk to everyone gathered there, but I wanted to write to you first.

We just made history.

And I don't want you to forget how we did it.

You made history every single day during this campaign -- every day you knocked on doors, made a donation, or talked to your family, friends, and neighbors about why you believe it's time for change.

I want to thank all of you who gave your time, talent, and passion to this campaign.

We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track, and I'll be in touch soon about what comes next.

But I want to be very clear about one thing...

All of this happened because of you.

Thank you,


And the winner is!!!!

I am ecstatic!! I am floating!! This is Surreal!!! I praise and thank God for Barack but I also praise and thank God for the opportunity to watch it unfold. Many I love weren't able to though they fought for this their whole lives. Bittersweet but JOYOUS!!!!

I feel so empowered and mobilized. There is nothing I cant do. There is nothing my children wont be able to do. I can look at them one day and mean everything I say to them. I thank Barack for that tonight and have a feeling I will thank him for that for years to come. He believed in himself and followed his calling. Subsequently he made us believe in him as well.

I am SO SO PROUD to be an American. I look forward to staking our new claim in the world and playing a part in it that honors how far we have come.