Grey's Synopsis: Episode 1 "Dream a little Dream of me"

I am hoping that if you Tivo'd you have watched it by now! It was a pretty good opener!

The fifth season starts with a fake-out dream sequence where we pick-up at the end of last season with Meredith at the dream house location waiting for Derek to return after telling Nurse Rose that their pseudo relationship is Kaput. Except in dream sequence fake out (I HATE this kind of shizznick!) McDreamy gets into a car accident and is crashing by the time Meredith gets to the hospital and realizes. End Dream Sequence. Meredith is having a hard time accepting the happy ending. That's new.

In reality- Seattle Grace is bumped from a top spot on the Johns Hopkins ranking of teaching hospitals. The Chief is pissed and all the doctors are feeling second rate. DUDE- was I the only one watching last year?? They killed TONS of people. Meredith and McDreamy did that study which killed EVERYONE but ONE person! Silly ppl.

Lexie helps George study for his SECOND intern exam. Oh yea- she's in love with him...I really wish Shonda (Greys writer) would quit with trying to make her into a real character OR if she's going to be a filler I wish she wouldn’t take up so much time. Now that she's not driving Grey crazy she's BORING.

Rose is still pissed about the break-up with Derek and is not keeping it professional in the office i.e. OPERATING ROOM. He asks her to transfer. I am a little bit pissy SHE has to go but she is making a scene. (lol. she also jokes that she's pregnant and you can almost see his balls hit the floor. lolololol)

Dr. Hahn is a Bitch. 'Nuff Said. She complains the entire episode about the chief calling her a bad teacher and feigns an attempt at learning to get better. Her and Callie also awkwardly try to sidestep the fact they made out last season. Dr. Hahn says she had never done that before- LIESSSSSSS!! I totally DO NOT believe that. hahaha.

Since their low on the totem pole the hospital doesn’t see much medical action that night UNTIL...Bernadette Peters drives a limo full of crash victims in. He and her two friends were on their way to a ball when the limo slid on black ice and crashed. The limo driver dies and one of her friends becomes a goldfish and only remembers things for 30 seconds. They find out that their husbands also crashed so Bailey schemes and gets them brought to Seattle Grace.

(Limo with victims pulls up)

When the husbands show up one of them has been given a tracheotomy with a pen by an Army doctor named Owen. Cristina swoons. The sexual tension begins.


Low and behold the old ladies and their stricken husbands have a secret. Turns out Bernadette Peters husband is sleeping with one of her best friends of decades. SCANDALOUS! Right after Bernadette finds out her husband let the health insurance lapse and he hasn’t worked in 8 months. (Oh yea- he'll also never speak again). Home girl decided to tell her they were also sleeping together. Bernadette flips on the bitch (as she should) and leaves her to snivel by herself when it turns out her husband will never walk again.

(Bernadette on left. Cheater on Right. What show did cheater used to be on again??)

Cristina takes Owen, the crazy army doctor to get his leg stitched up, since it had been badly cut in the car accident and he staples his wounds closed without anesthesia! HOT!! Turns out he's also some medical genius/hero cause he figures out a procedure to get that cheating bitches husbands legs to work again.

Meredith talks ENDLESSLY about how she is scared to live with Derek. Cristina finally tells her to shut the hell up and that she doesn’t think its going to work between her and Derek but on her way back inside the hospital she slips and falls and an icicle falls from the roof and lodges itself in her stomach. JEEEZ. Owen comes to the rescue though. We likeyyyyyy :)

In surgery, Rose hands Derek a scalpel blade first and cuts him. She transfers to pediatrics ASAP.

(Grey and McDreamy)

Oh! Izzie and Alex. They're getting along fine (and probably on the verge of hooking up) as the episode starts but by the end of it Meredith tells a bad joke and Alex thinks Izzie is telling his business (like how he cries) and is back to being a jerk.

Callie panics during the freezing procedure that Owen told her about to fix the guy who wont walk anymore. Takes Hahn stepping into get her back to normal. Maybe Hahn does know hot to be a teacher.

The chief, searching for answers as to why his hospital has been downgraded decides that he's gone soft since Meredith got here. He proceeds to yell at her to make himself feel better.

Owen yanks Cristina's icicle out. They almost kiss. The chief offers Owen a job. He declines. Him and Cristina REALLY kiss. YES!

Meredith told Cristina that she needed her approval to live with Derek because she's "her person". Cristina finally told Meredith she thought that she and Derek would work.

Bernadette Peters and her sketchy friend make up.

Izzie came home to find Alex kissing some random woman.

The chief gets tough and lets the staff know they're all on notice. They are going to start taking chances and stepping it up.
Great opener! BUT why am I over Grey and McDreamy. If they break up so be it. If they stay together so be it. I just don’t care!!

Alex and Izzie on the other hand could be hot!

Yang is my favorite character. I need much screen time with her this season. I am glad she has finally met a manly man!! Burke was a punk in comparison to this guy.

Remember when George used to be interesting? Remember when Callie was cool? Let's work on that.

Notice I didn’t mention Sloan once? Yea. pointless.


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