Tragedy but also some pleasant randomness...

I feel like the last few weeks have been so infused with tragedy on a grand scale (Hurricane Ike, Haiti’s dire conditions, the commuter train in CA, the stock market, the DJ AM/Travis Barker plane crash, Sarah Palin, etc, etc, ETC) and on a personal level (...) that there has to be some story or meaning the rest of us are supposed to take away from it. Initially I was just going to blame everything on the Republicans but that’s not really fair. The apocalypse? Maybe. But I have a feeling we will be made to suffer in the world we have created before we get to leave it...SO- maybe its to hug your loved ones a little tighter and realize that bad things happen all the time and CAN happen to you? Possibly. Maybe the longer you push away working on your dreams the less time you have? Even more possibly.

Too pretty out to be so melodramatic. Sorry. I think its hormones.

In lighter news (!!)-

Fall is here and that means my birthday “Soon Come”. YESSSSS...being 27 is such a heavy responsibility but I am ready for it! I feel like (for me) my 27th year is my last year of “play play”. 28 is the year where I start realizing my dreams, become an adult, work on buying property, USE my savings account. BLAHHHH

Gossip Girl:
I hope your watching!!!! It is SOOO good ALREADY. No worries if your not- I plan to be doing a weekly update of all my favorite shows this season because I am sooo tired of NO ONE knowing what I am talking about. Stay tuned…

More interesting things to click on when your bored...Obama vs. McCain:

The 22 blacks in the country that DON’T support Obama. They’re signs say it all:

McCain’s “Blizzard of lies”:

Obama’s official photographer captures his campaign in pics:

Iphones for Obama!

Alisa Valdes Rodriquez (one of my fave authors) convincing her peeps not to vote for McCain:

Lipstick on a wingnut:


Have way more stuff to disseminate. I’ll be back…


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