Gossip Girl Monday- "Chuck In Real Life"

Duddee! I am two weeks behind on G Girl. My Bad.

The group has gone to Yale and back and somehow Nate and Chuck are enemies and Serena and Blair are back to being BFF's! Was high School really this crazy? Minus the drugs, money and drinks..MAYBE.

Jenny is getting home-schooled. Chuck is pursuing Vanessa in an attempt to bed Blair... and Nate is homeless. OH! and Chick and Blair ALMOST did it but Chuck got some sense and his balls back and put Blair back in her place. WADDUP!!!

hmmm...so how am i feeling about this?

OVER Blair and Serena. Is Serena really this nice? She couldn't hang for a FEW episodes? Especially since she's on page six every day. What does she REALLY need Blair for?

Did you see how cool Serena was with her brothers boyfriend? I mean I know we learned last season he was gay but wouldn't it be a little weird that you knew your like 15 year-old little brother was like hooking up? Whether he was gay or straight?

I am FEELING Chuck and Vanessa!! That would be HOT...and how is Nate gonna feel about this? Isn't he feeling her? What's she doing??

Of course Chuck bonded with the only black character on the show this week. OF COURSE.

Nate's homeless but how is he affording school? and to get his clothes dry cleaned? and where is he showering? He runs and plays on the soccer team. EW. Maybe at school? But what about the weekends? Him and Dan being friends though BREAKS my tiny little heart :) Yessss.

OH! Serena's mom and Bart are so weird to me. Is he controlling and a freak or is he a good guy? PICK ONE G Girl Writers!!

We'll see.


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