An Open Letter to LC and Audrina

Ladies, ladies ladies. I am deeply saddened by the "news" I received from Perez this week regarding your newest battle. LC hooked up with Justin Bobby???!! OMFG!! I am hurt by this news on so many levels.

A. Why is ANYONE hooking up with Justin Bobby??!!

B. Audrina- he is NOT your man!!! You are his jump-off! ... Now let's say LC did do it, it serves you right! You have put up with his non-committal BS for years and he has continuously done this to you! LOSE HIM!! Have you thought for a second that maybe LC was trying to speed up the break-up process and help you move on?!

C. You both take to your Myspace blogs to battle it out?! MYSPACE Blogs !? How unclassy. If I were a rich non-talented celebrity and accusing my BFF of sleeping with my boy I would send a personal letter to the media outlets, or do a Youtube video, or "tell a friend" the story in front of the Paparazzi. No one Myspace's anymore. get a grip.

D. LC- when are you going to learn that you and girls don't get along. I know your a girls girl. I know. Me too. BUT for a rising nobody like you, surrounded by other rising nobody's ...girls are not your friend- they are your competition. Heide...Stephanie...Audrina...even Lo seems to be getting CRAZY! Stick to being friends with Brody. He'll be loyal. PLUS then you can say "Bro's b4 Ho's". Which I personally have always wanted to say!

E. Audrina- We all know this is a publicity stunt. Please stop. You will never be Lauren.

Thanks for your time.



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