Palin vs. Biden


I was hoping for some EPIC Palin mess up. There wasn't one. She was just uninspiring and uninformed. She held her own when it came to energy reform and even taxes. She blew when it came to foreign policy. Surprise Surprise. She dodged 50% of the questions and had no real action plan for Iraq but who needs that in a VP anyway right?

Palin is like the popular girl in high school who you let talk shit because you know one day she'll realize how NOT great she is...except what if she stays popular?! What if she turns being pretty into being VICE PRESIDENT OF THE FREE WORLD! freakin Scary! and why does the pregnant daughter always have to carry the baby? Are we still hiding her stomach?? Why hide now oh-teenage-one? You seemed to have showed that belly to at least one person in Alaska huh?

Biden actually surprised me too! When homeboy started talking about how he too knows the pain of being a single parent...WHAT!!!! Wrap that vice presidency up with a bow!! Men + tears +single parenthood = America weeping = America's votes. He also SHUT HER DOWNNNN when it came to foreign policy even though I wish he would have defended himself a little more when she started throwing those your-one-of-us jabs.

CNN called Biden the winner. DUH! even with the Republican pundits trying there best to make it seem like she said something REAL it was more then obvious that she didn't have a clue.

Where's Hillary when you need her?


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