Tracy Morgan Claims Paternity Of Obama Girls, Talks Sobriety (VIDEO)

HAHAHAHA. I might actually get this book. I love when funny people who used to do lots of drugs come off of the drugs. They have one screw missing but it doesn't make you sad to watch them

Tracy Morgan Claims Paternity Of Obama Girls, Talks Sobriety (VIDEO): "
Tracy Morgan continues to promote his expletive-laced autobiography and in a sit-down with TIME's Josh Tyrangiel he answered questions from fans all over the world, covering topics from health care to his own diabetes, kids and failed marriage. Here are some highlights:

On Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize:

'I wish he would just punch somebody in the face. You can't finesse a bull. Some people you just gotta punch in the face. That's all they know....I love Obama. You see how cool he is? Ain't no other countries gonna mess with us. You see the way he gets off of Air Force One?...He kicks that leg just like Richard Roundtree.'

On staying sober for the past year and a half:

'I was going through what Kanye West was going through. I wasn't dealing with things and it started to manifest itself in my drinking. I wasn't dealing with my marriage that was falling apart, I wasn't dealing with survivor guilt...so I would drink just to numb the pain.'

On fathering one of the Obama girls:

'Someone needs to do Sasha's hair. That little girl needs her hair done. Michelle knows, me and her had something going on back in the day. One of those little girls is biologically mine.'

You can read the Time 10 interview here.


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