Desperate Housewives: Season Premiere!

DH Started tonight! September is like my Christmas!! Synopsis below.

Season begins in the present. We see Susan giving birth and crossing paths with a woman named Lila. Eventually there lives collide in a car crash. We see Mike laying on the ground extremely hurt. Susan is the only one moving.

Fast forward to 5 years later. Bree seems to be Martha Stewart (The angry Martha Stewart right before jail). She has just written a book and her catering company with Katherine has taken off. Andrew is now her asst.

Gaby is a mother and a hot mess. Her kids are chubby (to be nice) and she seems to be two steps from a nervous breakdown.

Lynette's boys are now teenagers (and CUTE!). They are still hellions.

Susan is dating her painter but she wont let him into her life no matter how hard he pushes.
(Susan and painter)

Edie is back and married to a guy named Neal McDonough. They show up in the middle of the night and bribe the old man who is living in Edie's old house to leave. Well bribe and intimidate. It's very obvious this hubby has issues... The next day the ladies of Wisteria lane find her washing her car in a Cheetah bathing suit. hahahaha. They are impressed by how much control Edie's husband has over her.
(Edie and the new hubby)

Gaby takes her daughter Juanita to a princess party (after taking her to a store where they didn’t have any dresses that fit the little girl.) and over hears the mothers talking about how it's Gaby's fault that Juanita is overweight. She decides to play a game with Juanita where she runs home behind the car. lololol. Juanita is a smart little girl and in turns hops on a bus and heads home. When Carlos confronts her Gaby breaks down and shares that she no longer feels pretty.
(Gaby and the Family)

Katherine figures out that a lot of Bree's book is filled with her recipes. She gets pissed and tests Bree's cooking knowledge in front of a TV camera. Bree fails.

Tom and Lynette argue about the boys. Tom thinks they're cool and is not helping in rearing them. He finally steps up.
The ladies throw a party for Edie and at it Susan's painter lover shows up and crashes. Se admits that she is not ready for a relationship because she feels guilty. We later find out that Mike lived after the car crash but Susan could not get over the fact that they killed the woman (Lila) and her child in the car crash and Mike left her. We see him come pick up their child.

Edie can’t figure out why her new husband wanted to come to Wisteria Lane and we find out that he has some secrets. He has a Dr. who he must check in with once a month and some types of charges were dropped against him. He out for someone on Wisteria Lane. SUSPECT.

We find out that Bree's daughter came back for the baby at some point and that's why she threw herself into her business.


All in all- a REALLY good beginning. I literally let out a sigh of relief once it was over!! These women are like a guilty pleasure!

I hope they take Gaby's overweight child serious. I mean isn't that a REAL problem in the US??

...and I am sooo TIRED of Susan and Mike issues. OVER IT! Let them stay broken up. and HONESTLY I never really felt Mike. He always had some shade or some stuff that falls out the closet.

It's weird because I think at some point they are going to go back in the past. So it will be very interesting to see how it looks when we've seen the future and go back to the past. They better not do some dream sequence SHIT!

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