Lying Is...

Such a waste of time and destroys any type of relationship (friendship or otherwise) you have with someone. Worse then lying about the big stuff though is lying about the small stuff. How can you illicit any type of trust from someone if you will lie about anything? Stupid pointless lies are...well stupid and pointless! They are on my official cease and desist list. If a man is continually lying about small things- cease and desist. If you're always catching a friend in a pointless lie- cease and desist. That person doesn't respect you. As I'm starting to learn...

Not that I am opposed to the "little white lie" if it spares someone's feeling but even that form of lie should be used sparingly and not for anything of real value.

Let's differentiate:

Stupid Lie:
I was with _____.
(When you weren't. YOU just made that a shady situation)

Little white lie:
No, I really do like that color on you!
(Unless it is really horrendous then you owe it to humanity)

Stupid Lie:
I will call you later
(but don't mean it. If something comes up and you really can't then you should either text and/or call at the next convenient time. This is usually a dumb male move)

Little White Lie:
I'm a little tired and am going to stay in tonight
(as long as you really are staying in!! The lie is that you're tired. So what you just don't want to be with THAT person tonight...)

Warning: Never Ever Ever lie about location and/or activities to friends or those close to you. Especially if you are male...People (especially woman) always find out. ALWAYS. Men- I cannot share with you how because it's in the handbook we women get at birth BUT trust me. Please!

Lying...So Stupid. Stop it.



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April said...

I'm going to KILL you.. two minutes on your blog and I'm hooked !!! like craZY !!! this point is so well made/written.. it's sCaRY !!! you and me are like a mind meld.. only you will be in vogue or some high profile mag. I'm CERTAIN.
and the LC scoop? true? I'm so out of it.