The Bitch is Back...or at least on Gossip Girl

Last night's Episode:
It's the first day back at school and everyone is on 10! Dan is worried about seeing Serena. Serena runs at the site of Dan. Chuck is already plotting against Blair and Jenny is worried that she is going to get tortured by Blair's Bitches (who will henceforth be called "The BB's").

However, Dan gets over that ish REAL quick when he meets a chick/nerd to his own standards. OF COURSE she is a Chuck set-up but Dan is always everybody's fool so why would he get it together this season?? Anyway- Dan asks her to lunch. THE FIRST DAY BACK FROM HIS BREAK-UP?? Idiot. Blair finds out and her and the BB's embark on making this new chick's life's miserable. Being that she's getting paid by Chuck- it doesn't work. Dan and Serena try their best to do that stupid thing we all say we will do after a break-up- Be friends! but they realize pretty quickly (with the help of the BB's and Chuck) that it's not working. Soooo...Serena stops being the good version of herself and focuses on returning to her glory days. Queen Serena!! Yesss.

In other GG news:
Vanessa stumbles on Catharine in a compromising position with her "stepson" aka. Blair's man!! Grosssss. She snags pics because EVERYONE has a camera phone except me (don't make that face. Its a blackberry so I maintain some cool) and decided to turn to Blair for some help in blackmailing the pedophile (Catherine) into releasing Nate from her "Money Can't Buy You Love"/Pay for play scenario. It works but only after Vanessa almost ruins it. C'est La Vie

OH! and Jenny gets harassed by the BB's all episode and the old people (Serena's mom and Dan's dad) play that same game they played all last season. Except he's getting the ass now. yessss :)

Where does this leave us? Serena is Queen Bee again so there's going to be imminent WAR with Blair. Dan is now back to being a reject so who is he going to cling to now? Blair is single and pissy so will Chuck FINALLY break her? BLAH

I can't wait till next week! Serena's return to bitchiness should make any girl proud. Dan wants what he wants...when he wants it and has no perception of reality. SCREW HIM! Serena runs this Dan - not you. As for Blair and Serena- OYYY! I am as much nervous as I am excited to see them wage war. Blair is vicious and I don't know if Serena can really handle it BUT then again Serena used to be Queen so maybe there is a side of her we haven't seen?? and the rest of the show blah blah blah...

GG Monday's!


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