Oldie but Goodie- Myspace Blog # 1

Reason number 323 why children might not be the route for me: The sexualization of the female form and its underlying effects on our society. I know. I know. I'll explain…

While on the train with my seemingly normal and mature beyond his year's co-worker, I noticed his eyes bug out of his head and his whole disposition change. He morphed into a DUDE before my eyes! Without having to ask I turned my head to the side and saw what the kryptonite was…a girl with a HUGE butt. Now I get it! I swear! It's some man gene. For some its breasts; for some its butts; for some its some weird cocktail of a bunch of different things. My issue- ITS NOT FAIR! This poor girl was born like this, its not like she chose it! And because of genes she is subjected to being a sexual object every time she walks down the street?? Poor thing. But what really bothers me is not what happens to these grown women but what it does to the children. A woman does not develop at 18 or 20; she develops at 13 or 14. So if sexualization starts the minute they develop into their true "form" , 13 or 14-year-old girls are being sexualized at ages where they don't even understand what's happening to them. When grown men and boys are all ogling you before you even know what ogling is (or that its wrong) what does it do to your psyche? I believe we have all seen the living embodiment of this. That girl in your 6th grade class who get breasts before anyone else. She's being talked to by middle school and high school boys and she's noticeably absent by the time your 12th grade picture is taken. The problem is that why all kids are struggling to figure out who they are and what their place is in the world, these girls are told their breasts and butts are the answer. OR what happens to the other females in these sexualized girls classes? They are learning and classifying these girls as sexual as well. They now become bad girls and not they type that the "good" girls necessarily hang around. By the time these overly developed 13 or 14 year olds become actual adults their position is society has been staked out for them in mens eyes and in women's. Don't get me wrong; I have plenty of friends with big butts who made it just fine. Lol. But I am positive at some point their body type took away a little more of their childhood then it should of.

The answer? (Because I hate when people pose issues without even trying to think of a solution) hmmm…maybe teaching our little boys that women should be respected and nurtured at all costs and that their bodily urges are just that…THEIRS? Or maybe its teaching little girls that their self-esteem and character is based on things unseen?…OR maybe not having kids and stopping that cycle? HAHA. Or human existence. Maybe that's not a good option. I'll keep thinking… you stop ogling.


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