Oldie but Goodie- Myspace Blog # 2

Essence Magazine stinks 45% of the time. They have a way of making me hate them and love them at the same time. I think the editorial process at their office goes something like...

Step1: interesting 20 year-olds create relevant story lines

Step 2:career-minded 30 year-olds then take this material and tone it down in an attempt to have it appeal to everyone.

Step 3:scared-to-lose-their-jobs-but-trying-to hit-that-next-pay bracket 40 year-olds re-add seemingly cutting edge angles to said stories but are really just making sure not to piss of anybody who could get them a pay-raise or into a really good party or fashion show later.

my living examples of this...

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Juanita Bynum. Seemingly exciting.shows relevance in the African American community...the article kisses her ass so hard that you KNOW she is BFF's with someone on staff.

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Tameka & Usher. Relevant. Everyone is talking about it. The article does not touch on ANYTHING anyone is ACTUALLY talking about though. Yes her looks or lack thereof is a portion but what people want to know is where did she stash her kids? ex-husband? baby daddy? why his momma dont like you?? Why is Usher in love with such an old woman?

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What has she done this year that is even seemingly exciting other then not get a divorce??!! She is like the Essence Spokeswoman she has had so many covers!

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Who is Holly Robinson-Peete again? oh yea... a friend of Essence

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Hollywood is not giving Black women good parts. OVER IT! it aint bothering Halle... We need to get to writing good parts or the stories we need to hear ourselves. Tyler Perry Style. Get it done Chicas. Essence- these three women are eye candy. good job. they are NOT a relevant story however. you should have titled this "Makeup tips from the Stars" or something cheesy like that.

I buy Essence every month... gotta love it.

You love me.

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