Perfection; Estelle

Perfection is those days and/ or weeks when I feel like all my world's meet. Today was def one of those days and this week has shaped up to be one of those weeks. Saw my sister, finally launched the Blog, worked my butt off at work this week (which I love no matter how much I complain),watched alot of TV, and will be seeing some of those I love the most this weekend. YESSS...

Tonight I saw Estelle at InStyle's "Fall Must Haves Closing Night Celeration". After-work parties make my heart hurt I LOVE them so much!! I can drink, dance, and be home for primetime TV!! and tonight topped them all because I got to see one of my fave new artists...GREAT. She's and awesome performer and sounded great! She did 3 songs (one of which was "American Boy") so her performance was short but sweet. Just in case - I've placed some of her songs below so you can love her as much as I do. Pics from tonight below too.




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MonaLisa said...

i love after work parties too!