Legalized Racial Profiling?

US Government Checklist (September 6, 2009):
A. Overcrowd our jails (COMPLETE)
B. Overcrowd our jails with the poor (COMPLETE)
C. Overcrowd our jails with poor non-citizens under the guise of enforcing immigration laws (COMPLETE)

No wonder Dora quit.

Report on C
ritical of Scope of Immigration Detention
NY Times
Published: October 6, 2009
A report on immigration detention released Tuesday by the Obama administration paints a picture of a costly, inappropriately penal system that is growing without basic tools for management and monitoring, while the government office nominally in charge struggles with high turnover and a lack of expertise.

Though the administration has indicated that it wants to concentrate immigration enforcement on serious criminal offenders, the report shows that one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the population in detention is noncriminals picked up in the enforcement programs the government has embraced.

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