Equally Rise and Equally Fall...

I was watching an HBO documentary the other day on being black and what it means to different people "Blacklist: Volume 1" and in it was an interview with Chris Rock. He was discussing how in his eyes true equality isn't till we can all equally rise and equally fall with our racial counterpart. I thought that was sooo BRILLIANT. How great would it be if one day a black kid dropping out of school were a testament to his character and NOT to his race and subsequent environment? How great would it be to NOT think about race when a black person doesn't get a loan, or robs a store, or loses a house? How awesome to fail equally!

Obviously these are all negative scenarios but they speak to what a truly equal country would look like. The kind that Martin Luther King mentioned when he discussed "the content of their character".

I've linked an article below that speaks to Obama's fight as a black (amongst other things) presidential candidate to speak, carry himself, and BE perfect so he can be even considered as counterpart to the other candidates and/or our current idiot of a president.

Barack Obama, John McCain and the Language of Race

NY Times

Published: September 21, 2008



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